Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Short & Long Term Bucket Lists

Long Term Bucket List

1)      Hang glide. I want to hang glide because skydiving seems to extreme to me and hang gliding seems like the next step down. I also want to hang glide because you just get to go where the wind the wind takes you with a little help from “steering” it. Hang gliding just seems very relaxing to me.
2)      Pet an okapi. I would like to pet an okapi because they seems like very interesting animals to me. I have no idea if you ca find them in zoos or not but if they are I need to find which zoo(s) have them so I can pet one. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to pet a zebra giraffe?
3)      Eat a lion fish. I want to eat a lion fish because I have swam where a few were swimming in the ocean. Even though they are poisonous, if you prepare them correctly, they taste very good. I want to see if I also think they’re good.
4)      Go on a game show. I want to be on a game show because every time I watch one on TV all of the contestants and people in the audience are laughing and smiling. I would like to have fun just like everybody else and see how well I would do competing against everyone else.
5)      Drive on the left side of the road. This is on my bucket list because I have always wondered what it would be like to drive on the left side of the road. Obviously, I have never driven on the right side yet because I am not old enough but I would just like to see how different it would be and if I would ever get confused and find myself driving on the opposite side.
6)      Ice skate at the TD Garden. I love hockey and I grew up with it all around me from my family and friends paying it all the time. I have been to the TD Garden more times than I can count to see the Boston Bruins play and I want to see what it feels like to ice skate somewhere where your favorite players play.
7)      Be in a movie. I’m not talking become an actress and star in every movie with other well - known actors and actresses, but to just be an extra. Personally, I think it would be a very fun experience and I could have more of a chance to meet a famous actor or actress instead of hoping for a “follow” from them on Twitter.

Short Term Bucket List

1)      Zip line. Zip lining is on my bucket list because I feel like all of my friends have done it and im the only person who hasn’t. I also want to zip line because I think it would be nice to see wild life I may have not seen before or to just see the nature around me.
2)      Get a detention. I don’t exactly know why I actually want a detention but I feel like everyone has to once in their life get a detention. If I ever do, my mom will probably be very angry with me. But, she can’t get too mad because I haven’t even gotten a session once in my life.
3)      Go to a Celtic’s game. There are probably many other sports and teams who I’d rather see than the Celtic’s but since I like basketball more than football (I’ve never been to a Patriots game either), I think I would enjoy it more.
4)      Spray paint an entire wall. I see people spray paint walls and other things in movies and what they spray paint always seems and looks very cool to me so I want to try to do it as well.

5)      Try sushi. I want to try sushi because I get different types of Asian food all the time but I’ve never felt compelled to try sushi even though some of it looks and smells very good.

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