Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Pet Peeves

1. When people lean in close to me when they’re talking.  If you want to talk to me, is it really that hard to stay where you are?  Is it that hard to stand still? I can hear you! You don't have to lean in so close to me that I can smell what you just ate! If what you are saying is private and we are in a public space then I will make an exception. Although, if it is just a regular conversation, stay where you are!

2. When people go in the bathroom stall right next to you. If it is just you and me in the bathroom, there is no need to go in the stall right next to the one I’m in. You don't want to hear me go to the bathroom, and I definitely do not want to hear you go to the bathroom. Also, you had the whole bathroom to choose where to go. What compelled you to choose the stall right next to the one I’m in?

3. Girls who overdose on perfume. Girls, I do not want to be able to smell you from one side of school if you are on the completely opposite side. Just a few sprays here and there of your perfume is fine. But don't use so much that it smells like you bathed in your own perfume. Especially if we have a class together and we sit next to each other. Soon enough, I’ll need some clean air to breathe.

4. Spelling things wrong in text messages. I’m not asking you to text me like you’re writing an essay for school, but I'd really appreciate it if you would actually spell out the words rather than abbreviating them. (Examples: "r" for "are" or "u" for "you". You don’t have to use commas or perfect punctuation, just spell things out every once in a while.

5. Getting the appetizer the same time as the entrée. When I go out to eat, most times I get my meals all one at a time rather than everything all at once. That way, I have a little time to digest and get hungry again before the next course. But, if I get two things at once, then I'll get full quicker and won’t eat everything.

6. Owners who dress their pets up. The only time I will ever except that you dressed your pet up is on Halloween. If you dress your pet up at any other time, I will probably judge you from a far. If it’s too cold out, don't put a little jacket or sweater on your pet. Instead, just limit their time outside so they don’t get too cold.


  1. Hi Krissy, I like your background and your pet peeves are very relatable!

  2. i hate when people go in the stall right next to me too

  3. Close talkers are also very annoying to me!

  4. #3 is really annoying to me too!

  5. I totally agree with number 4. Its not just other people's messages that I fix but mine as well!