Sunday, September 28, 2014


Kristin Lynch
1)         Incentives are what motivates or drives someone to do something. More importantly, to make someone want to do better than how they normally do. Even though you should always strive to do your best with anything that you do, not everybody lives up to their potential. Sad to say, the thing that motivates people the most is money. Don’t get me wrong, I would have no problem in getting money in reward for every time I accomplished something, but money can get you everything you want. I can understand why money is such a successful incentive though. Money is a very important factor in everyday life. It gives you a place to call home as well as buy you food for when you’re hungry. Incentives are bribing people to do things they should have been doing anyway. It’s always a great feeling to get something for doing something correctly, but an even better reward is proving yourself you can do something out of your own pure motivation and being able to say you did it.
2)         Aesthetic experiences are when all of your senses are awake. One of my aesthetic experiences is when I am playing in a big game like a championship and everyone is screaming all around me and I can literally feel the clock ticking down to zero. In those last few minutes of the game I hear so many voices in my head telling me what to do. In regular games I don’t experience these things nearly as much I do in big games. Just the feeling of knowing that you made it that far and you’re so close to achieving your goal just gives you a rush. When the time finally reaches zero and the game has been called and you win, you get a wave of happiness all around you and you aren’t just proud and happy for yourself, but also for everyone you get to go through this experience with.

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